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Pesach 2022! The Big LoveLoveIsrael list of ideas for Pesach in Israel!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The sun is finally out and the tourism industry is finally buzzing into action. The joy will be evident in everyone's faces when we get to see Israel bursting with people once again! PG!!

So, here is the LoveLoveIsrael list of ideas of things to make your Pesach wonderful. We will keep adding to it, so bookmark it and keep checking back...and please share it!

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LoveLove Israel Top Tips!


Tours and Activities

These are tours that come highly recommended in the LoveLoveIsrael community and wanted to promote their English tours to you so you don't miss out! (They love love the people who come from LoveLoveIsrael!)

Suitable for : All ages


Friday 8.4

Pre Pesach 10.4, 12.4, 14.4

Chol Hamoed Pesach 17-21.4

Friday after Pesach 29.4

Duration: up to you! 1 hour plus...

Price per person: 30 shekel (includes one box plus all you can eat!)

Location: Near Beit Shemesh (and Park Brittania) קטיף תותים משק שמעוני Waze

Suitable for : All ages

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price per person: 55 Shekel

Location: South

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: Open all of Pesach

Price per person: 45 Shekel

Location: South - Talmei Yosef.

Pick your own vegetables!

Suitable for : All ages

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes approx.

Price per person: 50 Shekel for Adults. 40 shekel for Kids from age 4

Location: Beit Shemesh

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: Chol Hamoed Pesach April 19th. Other dates for private tours also available

Duration: 2.5-3b hours

Location: Sderot

Suitable for : All ages

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes approx.

Price per person: 50 Shekel per person. 45 shekel per ticket if you buy 6 or more (Family discounted price)

Location: 5 minutes from Modiin


Suitable for : Ages 6-120

Dates: Before Pesach and After Pesach onwards!

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Saidel's Jewish Baking Center, Karnei Shomron

Suitable for : Ages 6+

Dates: Before Pesach, Chol Hamoed and onwards

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Price: 280 shekel per person

Location: Gush Etzion

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: 10-21st April (and after Pesach too!)

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 180 shekel per person

Location: Hutzot Hayotzer, Jerusalem

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: Chol Hamoed and onwards

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Neve Daniel.

Home Kits also available for delivery.

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: Anytime! Book in advance.

Duration: 2 hour or 4 hour sessions

Price: 135 or 175 shekel per person depending on session length

Location: Jerusalem

Suitable for : All ages

Dates: Anytime but for Pesach you must book!

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes - starting on the hour

Price: Min. 55 shekel per person (includes item and paints)

Location: Beit Shemesh

Free Ideas

Everything you need to know about this year's free attractions, museums, parks and tours!

The Beach!

So many to choose from! Just remember to only swim where there is a lifeguard, try not to bring disposables and be sure to throw away your trash! Great way to ensure you have your own space away from the big crowds.

Many cities have wonderful parks - some of which include huge playgrounds, lakes, even zoos. You may need to pay for parking...and inevitable ice creams but great for Matza picnics with the family!

Free if you have membership, and very reasonable if not, these National treasures are country-wide but since corona, they DO REQUIRE reservations. You can do this on their website without cost but DO HURRY before places run out. We recommend to keep checking in case people make cancellations on those that seem to fill up quickly.

Hiking Ideas

Check out these helpful lists!

Every year in the Western Wall plaza, "Birkat Cohanim" is held Passover and Sukkot, with the participation of many hundreds of priests and tens of thousands of Jews from Israel and the Diaspora who take part in this great ceremony.

This year, there will two sessions to allow more people the chance to join. In addition, it will be broadcast live online for all!

Monday 17 Nissan, April 18 and Wednesday 19 Nissan, April 20

Morning prayer: 8:45

First Priestly Blessing (Shacharit): 9:15

Musaf prayer: 10:10

Second Blessing of Priests (Musaf): 10:15

LoveLoveIsrael Top Tips

Despite the reservation requirement at National Parks, it will be busy. Get there as early as you can to avoid crowds and traffic.

Even if it does not seem sunny, bring more water than you think you need, a hat for everyone plus sun cream!

Remember to throw your trash or take it home with you

Do not swim without a lifeguard

Give your younger kids a bracelet or some form of ID with your cell number on it just in case

Always look around and find a meeting point that everyone agrees upon if anyone gets lost

Don't just be the photographer, get in the photos too, and be sure to put the phones away and enjoy special moments!

Check regularly on the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group for updates on what's going on, including successful days out and traffic/busy updates in real time!!


Great sites for shows around the country:


Mapa UMatza - coming soon for 2022. Click here for 2021

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