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Shhh....Whatever You Do, Don't Share this List!

Right now, the best activity is to get out in nature...preferably with water included, and best without the crowds. While the National Parks offer some of these, you need to reserve ahead of time and some of the best ones get booked up in advance.

LoveLoveIsrael member (trail-runner and experienced Israel-hiker-extraordinaire), David Felberg shared these fabulous off the beaten path, hidden water spots in the Golan area in our wonderful Facebook group, and now they are saved here on!

If you have heard of more, feel free to add in the comments or join our group and share!!

These are FREE and FUN!

Photo Credit: Ein Amphi - David Felberg

Ein Amphi:

West of Katzrin, an amazing amphitheater-shaped pool under shady Eucalyptus trees, full of cold water and tiny fish that will be happy to give you a pedicure! Depth is about 1-1.5m, walk is about 5 minutes from the car, across uneven ground. Waze: "עין אמפי", park where you see the other cars, and walk left through fence to the Eucalyptus grove.

Ein Tina:

Near Kibbutz Gonen. The water pours like a waterfall out of a small reservoir, which can be reached by walking upstream. Walk is through running water and can be slippery - water shoes recommended!

NOTE: Sometimes the local farmers might shut off the water, so come ready with a backup plan if the place is dry - but it is usually gushing! Waze: "עין תינה", park when you can't go any further, and follow the signs to the water, then walk left up to the waterfall.

Photo Credit: Ein Tina - David Felberg

Darbashiya/Ein Divsha:

A bit north of Ein Tina, and resembles it too. Water is about ankle-deep in the summer, but is cold and refreshing. There's an old flour mill and aqueduct and you can walk uphill to the spring itself. Waze: "עין דיבשה"

Ein Divsha (2010) - Photo Credit: LoveLoveIsrael

Ein Almein:

An old Syrian officers camp with a large 3x6 meter pool (depth about 1.5m) under the shade of Eucalyptus trees. There's a lot of place to sit and relax outside the pool. Waze: "עין עלמין בריכת הקצינים". You have to drive for over 1k on a gravel road, and from the car park it's about 5 minute walk over uneven ground, but it's worth it.

Photo Credit: Ein Almein - David Felberg

Ein Mokesh:

Close to Kibbutz Ein Zivan, right off route 98, there's a huge round pool built from basalt rocks. Water is very deep but there are flagstones built into the sides of the pool to let you out. The pool itself is not in the shade, but there a few shady places around it. Walk from car is about 500 meters. There's also the less known Ein Mokshon (smaller version) right nearby, but some of its steps are broken so it's more difficult to get out… Waze: "עין מוקש"

The "Hidden Waterfall" near Kfar Nahum:

Right on the Kinneret shore there's a small structure (Ein Iyov) that fills with water which bursts out of the bottom to create a "waterfall" (about 4m high) that spills into the Kinneret. Parking is in the gravel on the side of the road, a little bit after the bus parking for Tabha, and then walk down the steps to the water. Waze: "עין איוב"

Note:Note from Sharon Levy : Because the Kinneret is so full ב׳ה in 2020, the water around the Hidden Waterfall is so high that when we went in March the last small set of steps was covered in water. We didn’t even attempt going in because I know that it’s all rocky along the walk/wade/swim to the waterfall and we were with our four year olds.. it may have dried up a bit this summer but going by the level of the Kinneret in general and Madrassa too, water is still high.. so beware. Below is a photo of the area when it was NOT overflowing as it was earlier this year - so this is what is below the water.

The Hidden Waterfall (2019) - Photo Credit: Sharon Levy

***Obviously - Watch children at all times, and be careful! Also...probably other people have heard of LoveLoveIsrael will always recommend getting there early to enjoy it before other people come!

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