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Natural Springs in the Gush Etzion Area

David Felberg is back again with a recommendation for a wonderful "single track" in the Gush Etzion area which includes no less than 6 natural springs and pools!

The track is 18 KM long and can ALSO be done as a hike, AND each of the springs can be accessed individually for those looking for shorter walks.

The Red Bike sign marks out this trail

So let's jump in:

The start point is the huge "Lone Oak" tree, in Alon Shvut. The single track is clearly marked out with small signs with RED bike (see image above). To begin, follow the road north which leads to Rosh Tzurim (between the Gush Etzion Regional School and Yeshivat Har Etzion), then after the last houses turn right onto a dirt path leading east. This will take you around Rosh Tzurim with great views of the surrounding area.

After 4 KM+ you reach the first spring - Ein Tzurim. Two shallow pools collect the water, which are great for a short dip before you continue.

Ein Misla

After 7 KM+ you'll reach Ein Misla, a natural spring with a nicely landscaped pool overlooking amazing scenery all around. Water in the deep end is up to an adult's hips.

Ein Dubek

The track meanders through the forest, across a main road (367) and continues onward till you reach a double feature - Ein Yitzhak and Ein Dubek - two fantastic pools (about 1.5 meters-deep to 2 meters-deep, respectively). Ein Dubek is below Ein Yitzhak and fed by its excess water, so don't miss it!

Ein Yitzchak

Back to the track, after 14 KM you reach Ein Livneh (right below Bat Ayin), a large 2.5m-deep pool under shady trees with a bonus of a "Tarzan" rope for jumping in.

Ein Livneh

From here it's mostly uphill back to the main road leading from Bat Ayin to Alon Shvut and the car.

For Short Hikes:

Like I mentioned, all springs can be accessed individually, as a short hike.

Ein Tzurim: Walk down from the industrial zone in Rosh Tzurim;

Ein Misla can be found on WAZE "עין מסלע";

Ein Yitzhak & Ein Dubek are also on WAZE "בריכת דובק - עין יצחק";

and Ein Livneh can be reached from the edge of Bat Ayin Bet, or by walking down from Ein Hovla (a spring/mikveh) in Bat Ayin.

Enjoy, and don't forget to take all your trash with you!

Our guest blogger is David Felberg, a Trail runner, who loves exploring Israel.

Photo Credit: David Felberg

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