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The Salad Trail Tour

Updated: Mar 23

The Salad Trail is resuming tours! Yippee! This wonderful gem in the South is great for all ages and will be a fabulous experience to be remembered!


****This experience is highly recommended by LoveLoveIsrael group members.

What can you look forward to on the two hour tour?

During the tour you will learn about the first pioneering settlements in the Negev, heritage and technological advancement

You will observe the most up to date agricultural technologies - “high tech” of agriculture

You will see a “green” lifestyle, recycling, connection to nature in an agricultural region

The tour includes tasting and picking from the plants

You will meet homing pigeons and learn how they were used during the War of Independence

You will visit different stations:

1 - Pick and taste greenhouse – (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers)

2 - Carrot field with a variety of colors

3 - Homing pigeons

4 -The Seven Species garden

5 - Passion fruit maze

6 – herbs greenhouse

Fun, interesting and tasty!


Tours are running throughout Chol Hamoed. Click here for the tickets page.


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