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Keramikli Studio - Pesach 2022

Create a wonderful piece to remember Pesach 2022 forever!

Keramikl Studio in Beit Shemesh has everything you need to create a stunning piece of pottery with lots of fun and surprises in store this Pesach!

Great for all ages!

Where? 2, Rechov HaUman, Ezor Taasiya Bet Shemesh, Bet Shemesh, Israel

Price: Minimum 55 Shekel per person (includes the item plus paint)

  • Reservations are needed for Chol Chamoed Pesach - click here!

  • All reservations are in 1hr and 45 mins increments that start on the hour so stick to your time slot and choose what you want to make before you come to maximise time being creative!

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