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Seven Short Hikes in the Sharon Area

If you need something a bit more exciting than a walk around the block during lockdown in the Sharon area (when permitted), pop to one of these refreshing and beautiful trails close to Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya, Tel Aviv.

**Please note: LoveLoveIsrael consulted with a few of the parks. At the time of writing (March 16) during the Corona-crisis, Israel’s National Parks are shortening their regular hours and are only allowing Israeli citizens to come in to the parks (they will likely ask for your ID). In addition, there are limits on how many people they can allow inside the park at one time, so there is a chance you will need to wait until someone leaves before going in. They will not allow large groups. Of course we hope this will be a very temporary solution and they would LOVE to see visitors at this time. They recommend that you call before you come to check for any new restrictions.

Photo Credit: Harriet

Often forgotten and hidden away in North Raanana. This area is particularly pretty at the moment, and totally free. Reasonably easy hike up the hill and surrounding area. Not for strollers. Fun to explore!

Quote from Noa aged 8, and her mum from Raanana who went there yesterday:

“Easy tiyul. Getting back to basics and breathing the fresh air, enjoying nature is safe and healthy – for mind and soul. My 8 year old daughter said to me whilst out that she misses her life before corona but that she’s so happy she came out so she could enjoy the beauty. Also because you are outside, it gives you a chance to have a proper chat”

Another beautiful area to explore freely, just past the Poleg interchange in Netanya. Open space in nature as well as lots of stunning sand dunes to climb up and  down and a stunning sea view with access to Poleg beach! Not for strollers.

Photo Credit: LoveLoveIsrael

This beautiful reserve is a National Park and has an entrance fee unless you have a National Parks card. At the moment they may close the parks, or need to limit the numbers allowed at one time. So call 04-8778226 before you set out there to check! No dogs.

Accessible and stroller friendly easy trail. Ancient ruins to explore. Pathways, water…

Waze:  En Afek Nature Reserve

Photo Credit: מנו גרינשפן

This is another entrance to the park that connects up with Ein Afek above. There is also an entrance fee here except for National Park members and may be subject to limiting the number of people or closure, due to the current situation. Worth calling to check before you go. 03-9030760

Waze:  Yarkon National Park

Photo credit: מנו גרינשפן

This is a stunning hike with sea views and an easy hike for the whole family. It starts right behind/near the Shefayim hotel and water park. It is quite exposed so recommended during this season when the sun is not quite so strong. Not stroller friendly. Great place to explore for as long as you want. You can also venture off right on to the beach. This is a free tiyul.

Photo Credit: LoveLoveIsrael

Apollonia National Park is on a kurkar (calcareous sandstone) promontory facing the seashore of Herzliya. Ancient ruins, beautiful views. Stroller friendly and accessible path. There is an entrance fee here except for National Park members and may be subject to limiting the number of people or closure, due to the current situation. Worth calling to check before you go. 09-9550929

Waze: Apollonia National Park (Tel Arsuf)

Photo Credit: LoveLoveIsrael

We have linked this hike to the wonderful detailed blog of Hiking the Holyland which has all the information you need for a gorgeous, free, easy winter hike just north of Netanya.

Also children will enjoy the turtle stream. The turtle’s stream Park – next to the Turtle Bridge. From the top of the tree tower you can see the expanses of Hefer Valley and Nahal Alexander. At the foot of the tower lies an expansive lawn with picnic tables, ornamental trees and a pergola. A small jetty, adjacent to the stream, provides an opportunity to view the soft turtle – one of the most impressive natural attractions in Israel

Waze: שביל נחל אלכסנדר

Photo Credit: Go Netanya

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