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Shimoni's Strawberry Farm - Pesach 2022

What could be better than a wonderful time out in the strawberry the fields, picking and eating fresh, delicious strawberries - the best you ever tasted?!

Visit Shimoni's Strawberry Farm over the next couple of weeks!

When? Open 9:00-16:00

Friday 8.4

Pre Pesach 10.4, 12.4, 14.4

Chol Hamoed Pesach 17-21.4

Friday after Pesach 29.4

Price: 30 Shekel per person - eat as much as you want and fill a box!

Location: Waze - קטיף תותים משק שמעוני near Beit Shemesh. Also right next to Park Britannia so you can combine both for a wonderful day out!

Heter Mechira

Free tours available and welcomed - just ask them!

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