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What to do with your Children during Lockdown?

LoveLoveIsrael wishes you all a Shana Tova full of health, happiness and incredible days out in Israel! We hope you had a wonderful (if unique) Rosh Hashana -welcome to 5781!

We recommend using this time to:

Get those board games out and play,

Get crafty and use Pinterest for inspiration,

Do online fitness videos,

Have cupcake challenges

Teach them to cook,

Make scavenger hunts (you can copy templates online)

...and then when you need something special, check out some of the ideas below!

LoveLoveIsrael Tip: these are great gifts for friends and family. A lovely way for grandparents to send their love to grandchildren in Israel - from wherever they are based!

See below:

Workshops and learning kits - delivered to your home

Virtual Tours and Scavenger Hunts

Workshops and Learning Kits at Home

We are in awe at the ways people have pivoted during the first lockdown to make their workshops doable from home! They continue to make these workshops available during the current lock down too!

We are excited to tell you about this amazing idea to enrich your children's education!

Kids are back at school - but we are all concerned that this year will be full of surprises, and that our kids' education will suffer.

Here is a wonderful solution! HAKUFSA! The box!

HAKUFSA (the box) is a monthly STEAM activity box for children - in Hebrew.

STEAM stands for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.

Sign up for Hakufsa subscription and you will receive a high quality box each month, full of surprise, information and wonder.

Each box will contain everything that you need for a fantastic creative activity that will stimulate your child, encourage their love of learning and investigating - and enrich their education (that may be lacking from school).

HAKUFSA provides experiential learning, just like spending time in a science museum - but with a difference - HAKUFSA comes directly to your home!

Your child, and YOU will benefit from awesome enrichment activities, educational games and creation at home, at the most convenient time for you and your family!

HAKUFSA's activities and accompanying enrichment materials have been created by professionals in psychology, sciences, humanities, mechanics and more.

**Also a special and unique gift idea!

Click here for the "Hakufsa" Website and ordering information:

For more details and clarifications, call or email Enbar the creator of Hakufsa - she speaks fluent English!

Graffiti Starter Kit

This starter boutique kit is a perfect gift for a special occasion for any graffiti lover, age 10 & up. Ideal for a family activity. The sprays will last for many more graffiti projects. Price: 250 NIS Click here for details!

Great family activity for ALL ages !!

Oder a clay kit that comes with everything you need to create with clay at home, including several user-friendly tutorials and ideas and tips for storing the clay so you can reuse it ( this is an activity to keep everyone busy again and again- NOT a one-time thing) .

These fun packed clay kits are great for any age, and can be used for MANY projects!

Hurry to order while stocks last:

250 NIS kit - good for 6/7 projects

340 NIS - same kit with double the CLAY.

Please whats app 0506736643 with your name+address+number of kits you want!Yo can also request to see a video explaining what comes in the kit!

Hadara has also expanded her workshop to an airy outdoor area so you can visit her workshop outside once they allow it again! Click here for details.

Nina Brenner pivoted beautifully by making her popular paint parties available online. She offers many online live sessions where she teaches you how to paint stunning pictures – great for all ages, and lovely to commemorate family occasions where the whole family can join in at the same time!

Yes...LoveLoveIsrael had fun on a virtual paint party with family in UK and Israel!

Contact Nina to sign up for a virtual painting kaytana throughout the year!

Paint Party also have kits that you can purchase including a new range of paint-by numbers kits! Click here for contact details.

Make your holidays sweeter during this quarantine!

Join the BakeBox Club and create these beauties for your family to enjoy

Order by Tuesday

Delivery Wednesday

Webinar Thursday

Elana is a talented pastry chef, who has turned around during the past few months developing a fun baking workshop for children – and novice older bakers too. Subscribe to her weekly baking workshop from the comfort of your own home. Receive a new box every week containing all the measured ingredients needed to bake delicious food! Full instructions and live video tutorial included! Deliveries are available to all areas within 30KM of Rechovot! Contact her to see if that includes you. Contact details here!

Another fun and delicious activity you can do at home! Cookie and cupcake decorating, and even decorate your own large cake of your choice with a video tutorial of how to decorate it! Click here for contact details.

Order fabulous kits to make your own soaps at home!! Contact details here.

These are soaps from The Soap Cake Factory in Raanana!

On an online ScaVenture (sometimes known as Quarantine Quests) you will play an Israel-themed group game, engaging with friends, families and groups from wherever you are in the world! Escape the ordinary, enjoy this awesome world and stay safe together! Their games are a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why they call them ScaVentures! Click here for more details and reviews.

In addition, check out their newest 'Dash'!

Although we’re in COVID times and we’re not going anywhere yet… ScaVentures has come to the rescue again… now you can visit the amazing city of Dubai, without even leaving your home!  The Dubai Dash can be played offline (in Dubai) or online (from your home/office etc).  On this game you will visit the iconic sites of Dubai and also you’ll discover the incredible story of the Jews of the UAE, who for centuries, until now, lived and prayed behind bolted doors and shuttered windows. Click here for details!


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