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My Bake Stop - BakeBox Club

Location: Rechovot. Deliveries from Raanana to Ashkelon

Phone: +972 53 278 3078

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I subscribed to the Bake Box club mainly for my 12 year old daughter who loves to be in the kitchen. Often her siblings also take it in turns to join in with her bake box sessions! We are all excited to see what is coming in the next box and love the delicious desserts we are getting on a weekly basis. My daughter is gaining confidence and expertise in the kitchen and we get to benefit from it ;) The best part is keeping her entertained while learning a life-skill!


Virtual baking workshop - delivered to your door!


This new venture is a great way to keep your children entertained every week!

How does it work?

The boxes are hand-delivered (and Elana is always wearing a mask!) in beautiful boxes containing all the ingredients needed - all pre-measured with a color recipe sheet.

Elana runs two live webinars per box where she takes the children through the recipe step-by-step, so they can learn and ask questions as they bake independently (or with adult guidance where needed, depending on the age of the child).

You can sign up for any week individually, or signup for a month of weekly boxes.

Great gift for a bar/bat mizvah or birthday!


Subscriptions: Weekly (1 box) 75nis

                        Monthly (4 boxes) 280nis

Good to know: Elana is an alternative pastry chef, specialized in kosher, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, sugar free, keto, paleo, gaps diets. She customizes the pastry to your dietary needs. If you ever need some delicious cakes or pastries for any occasion - contact her!

Here are examples of the July and June boxes!

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