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Hakufsa הקופסא

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Hakufsa הקופסא - Monthly STEAM Activities (in Hebrew) for Kids

Location: Rishon LeZion

Phone: +972 52 3113 468


HAKUFSA (the box) is a monthly STEAM activity box for children - in Hebrew.

STEAM: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics

Every month you will receive a new box full of surprise, knowledge and interest.

Every month the box will contain a fantastic creative activity that will stimulate your child and encourage their love of learning and investigating.

HAKUFSA provides experiential learning, just like spending time in a science museum - but with a difference - HAKUFSA comes directly to your home! You will benefit from enrichment activities, educational games and creation at home with the children, at the most convenient time for you and your family!

HAKUFSA's activities and its enrichment materials have been created with our professional experience in psychology, sciences, humanities, mechanics and more.

CLICK HERE for order options - if you don't understand anything, call or email Enbar the creator - she speaks fluent English!

HAKUFSA can be enjoyed as a monthly subscription -

You can also give a gift from the selection of existing boxes -

HAKUFSA can be delivered anywhere in the State of Israel, and to several countries around the world!

What does HAKUFSA contain?

At HAKUFSA, we know that you are looking for quality, so every month we pack for you:

· Comprehensive and interesting information from various fields, on the topic of the month, presented in a booklet that includes experiential ways to combine play with learning - experiments, stories, songs, videos and more ... The combination of the creative right brain with the logical left brain creates a long-term assimilation of knowledge in the child's brain.

· Parent guidance page with a suggestion for the structure of the activity - learning, and bonding and creating step by step - so that the combination will be optimal.

· A key to the child's inner world - ideas and questions aimed at encouraging conversation and exchanging ideas in order to create closeness.

· A significant creation that will serve the child and make him proud - all the materials, tools, and of course child-friendly instructions, detailed in writing and pictures (100% success!).

· Lots of room for imagination - the abundance of materials in each box, allow for mental flexibility and room for creativity and imagination, all as part of the defined and structured activity.


The purpose of  HAKUFSA is to allow you to spend quality time with the child, without wasting your precious time on the preparation. All your time will be devoted to your child!

· Curiosity and in-depth information - deepening knowledge and learning in different fields from a variety of angles and combinations (art with mathematics, chemistry with biology and more).

· Self-worth - strengthening the child's self-worth by creating a unique finished product that the child can be proud of.

· Self-expression and creativity - HAKUFSA contains a structured process that ensures a result, but at the same time leaves the child (and also the parent) room for self-expression, development and strengthening of the muscles of creativity and imagination, as well as planning and problem solving.

· The parent as a learning center - all the knowledge comes from a key figure in the child's life, an enrichment booklet full of knowledge and a page with guiding questions will help the parent.

· Everything inside - quality materials, detailed explanations, tools required - you just provide the fun and togetherness.

Who is HAKUFSA suitable for?

For young researchers, budding artists, beginner technicians ... in short, for curious children, who like to ask a lot of questions, and enjoy the wealth of knowledge that the world has to offer them.

Children from 4-year-old (who know how to cut relatively accurately) to 10-year-old and even older.

Tachles, how does it work?

Every month HAKUFSA will be sent to you, with a new surprise.

When HAKUFSA arrives, set a time to spend with the child (important! - each child individually).

Put the phone in silent mode so that no one will interfere with your special time. (Please note - sometimes you will need the phone to watch videos attached to the box, be careful not to peek at messages at this time).

Look at the sticker affixed to the back of the box, can you guess what surprise is hidden in the box?

Now open the box (you can videotape the joy of the child when the richness of the contents of the box is revealed to his eyes.)

Take the parent information sheet and start following the instructions.

The next time you look at the clock, you will not believe how fast the time has flown. 

What do you get out of it?

At its core, HAKUFSA is an experience that aims to strengthen your child's self-worth, teach them how to learn, and fill them with curiosity and love for research and study.

In addition, HAKUFSA is working on improving the communication between parent (or grandparent) and child by creating quality and regular entertainment (or in the language of family counselors - Daddy/ Mummy time).

All this, while making effective use of the parent's time and the child's short attention span.

A few words from Enbar:

As a mom, I am always looking for an activity for my kids that will have added value, that will not just be something that passes the time. Therefore, when I invented HAKUFSA it was very important to me to incorporate valuable activities into it - learning, research, creativity and imagination, strengthening closeness and meaningful dialogue.
I believe that the minds of young children are like fertile ground, it is our job, the adults, to sow as many seeds as possible in this soil, from a large variety of varieties, and to cultivate them - what will grow?
It depends on the child, some children will connect to science and some will connect to art, some will be interested in stories and some will be interested in experiments - our job is to show the huge selection the world has to offer, and allow children to choose what interests them.
When I build the activities of HAKUFSA, I use the tools used in teaching gifted children - opening a topic horizontally to everything related to it and creating as many connections as possible to each topic.
It is very important to me that the activities offered to children stimulate their thought and curiosity at least like a trip to a children's museum. An activity that will combine learning with creation - the right brain works together with the left brain, to achieve the maximum result of knowledge embedded in their head for a long long time.
I believe you too will enjoy HAKUFSA like the thousands of children and parents who have tried it before you!

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