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Updated: Jun 9

Do you love chocolate? Get creative with chocolate at the tasty and wonderful chocolate experience!

Name: Shokolad by Shoshanna Rabinowitz

Location: Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef,  next to Park Yarmut

Phone: 054-295-7106

Recommended by:

My daughter loved the chocolate making workshop! It was so cool to make chocolate from scratch and then to mold it too! Shoshana made the experience fun whilst learning cool facts at the same time. I highly recommend this great family activity!
We had an amazing time at Shokolad.  It was the highlight of our trip. My children loved the experience and learned a lot too.  My kids are begging to go back, and actually the adults would be more than happy to live that delicious experience.  We made chocolate creations that were creative, gorgeous and edible. For all those who love chocolate and for all those who love to create, this is the most exciting experience any chocoholic can have!
We had a nice, wholesome family time in Shokolad's special atmosphere without any flashing distractions.  The kids were so calm and happily content while focusing on their chocolate creations.  I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I would definitely recommend going to Shokolad for special quality family time for families, parties or social events for all ages - including seniors. We all came home with the best feeling. The combination of chocolate and creativity, with the additional bonus of information and tips, made sure that all ages and types felt content and gratified!
My son had a blast!


Welcome to Shokolad!

My name is Shoshanna and I love chocolate and everything about it!

At Shokolad you will create your own personalized chocolate art with edible paints and decorations.

You will also learn the exciting process of chocolate production.

We will work together so that every participant will make their own chocolate bar from scratch! 

Join me in creating a fun, delicious, and creative experience.

Looking forward to meeting you and your family/friends and creating something beautiful together. 

Workshop Details

How long is the workshop? 1.5-2 hours

What chocolate do we use? Milk and dark chocolate

What are your prices?

2-4 ppl is  160sh per person

5-8 ppl is 150sh per person

9-12 is 140sh per person

For larger groups call Shoshanna for prices. Maximum number per workshop is 20 people

Is it nut free? Yes

Kashrut: All ingredients are Mehadrin, Chalav Yisroel 

Call/WhatsApp or email Shoshanna to book your workshop!


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