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Nicole Friedman Studio - Resin Art Workshop

Updated: Feb 15

Nurture your creative side at Nicole Friedman Studio! Come experience first-hand what the resin art hype is all about. Workshops, date idea, lessons and more!

Location: Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph 

Phone: 050 670 5032

Recommended by:

Chana Leah Matan

We took our kids to Nicole for the resin workshop which was so incredibly fun and a great family activity during their time off from school. Not only did we enjoy the time making our projects but we came home with keepsakes we get to use on an ongoing basis!

Tehila and Tzviki Liff:

Date night at Nicole's resin studio was an absolute delight! Nicole's patience and friendliness made the experience truly memorable. With her guidance, we crafted a gorgeous door sign together that we are still collecting compliments from. The activity is an awesome blend of creating something and spending quality time together. creating not just a beautiful piece but also wonderful memories to cherish. We highly recommend Nicole's studio to other couples looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Brachie Rosenberg:

Nikki is so much fun and you will come away from a session at her studio with a gorgeous art piece to treasure forever. I've done a resin workshop and my creation is my favorite shabbos serving piece! I've also participated in her painting classes and I'm telling you, she understands your vision for yourself better than you do! She guides with patience, reassurance, and so much encouragement. I cannot recommend Nikki's studio enough!


Nurture your creative side at Nicole Friedman Studio! Come experience first-hand what the resin art hype is all about.

With private and group workshops available, participants create color-bursting useable art.

If you’ve been wanting to create resin masterpieces but aren’t able to attend in-person classes in Israel, be sure to check out Nicole Friedman Studio’s popular Zoom resin workshop option! You can now tune in from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere around the world! Contact Nicole for details.

You choose what to make…

  • Resin bowls

resin workshop israel
Family Name sign
  • Serving platters

  • Shabbat candle trays

  • Challah boards

  • Mezuzot and more

Nicole guides her students and shares her prized tips and tricks for creating stunning masterpieces.

And the best part is – you don’t have to be particularly artistic to create gorgeous resin art!

Resin & Art Workshop Ideas

Nicole Friedman Studio also offers alcohol ink art workshops, painting classes for adults and kids and group paint nights.

Resin workshops make for the perfect outing for date nights, chol hamoed activities, multi-generational quality time with family visiting from abroad, ladies night out, bat mitzvot, corporate events, and birthday parties.

Special Bridal Bouquet Workshop

Nicole also specializes in Bridal Resin Workshops, where she works together with the kallah to preserve her bridal bouquet by encasing it in resin.


Resin projects start at 125 shekel. Pricing is per project. 

Painting classes start at 80 shekel per class when buying a bundle package. Contact Nicole for more information and relevant pricing information for your session!

All photos and video credited to Nicole Friedman

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