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Israel Unity Charm Bracelets

Updated: Jun 9

Buy your stunning charm Bracelet, buy one for an evacuee, or sponsor or host a bracelet workshop and show your support for Israel during these precarious times!

Name: Israel Unity Charm Bracelets

Location: Beit Shemesh (or will come to your location)

Phone: 054-656-5192 

Recommended by:

The best purchase I've made since the war began! Gives me much pleasure when I wear it.
I wear my bracelet every single day!!! It is so beautiful!! Reading and looking at the charms gives me a lot of chizzuk (strength)
Zoe, Activities Coordinator for Sasa evacuees living at Ma'gan Eden
Last week, Kibbutz Sasa was honored to have...3 jewelry workshops run by the kind, sweet Penny Thau. The jewelry workshops were so successful that a group of mums asked to do a mum/child workshop in addition to the planned times and had an amazing turnout... We the families often feel we are in a daily struggle as life continues elsewhere and these little breaks and encounters lift our spirits and truly mean so much. My 2 year old and I have worn our ‘bracelets of energy’ everyday so far!


The modern, fashionable, funky version of silicon support bracelets from the 90’s!


The seven charms include:

  • Pierced Israeli flag

  • Pierced heart

  • Pierced map of Israel

  • Magen David with the words עם ישראל חי

  • A smiley face with the words מי שמאמין לא יפחד

  • The IDF logo with the words בע״ה ביחד ננצח

  • Charavot Barzel symbol & the words יבואו ימים טובים

Buy a bracelet!

You can buy a bracelet ready made - there is a stunning sterling silver charm bracelet to buy, or the regular beaded version which you can also buy as a DIY kit to make it yourself! Click here and see a video of how to put your bracelet together!

Unleash your unique style with this charm bracelet! Click here for the full Shop selection!

Effortless Elegance: Featuring a beautiful arrangement of 7 silver-toned charms strung on delicate shimmering silver beads.

Everyday Sparkle: The 4mm silver-toned beads add a touch of sophisticated shine to your wrist, perfect for any occasion.

Built to Last: Made with a strong, thin elastic cord, this bracelet is comfortable and sophisticated for every day wear

Please note:  Charms may have a subtle pink tinge.

Host a workshop

This is a lovely option for a celebration or a solidarity get together with friends.

At the workshop you will make a beaded charm bracelet like this one below!

You can make this beaded charm bracelet at our workshop!

Workshops Prices:

See website for full details and prices

55 shekels per kit

300 nis per hour or any part of to run the workshop for you

Duration: Usually takes up to about an hour and a half

Plus cost of travel which we can advise on when you contact us to arrange

Sponsor a Workshop

Since the start of this business, we have been privileged to run free workshops for people

who have been evacuated from the South and North of Israel. This has been so special and gives the evacuees time to enjoy an activity that empowers in these difficult times.

We would love to reach as many people as we can and we need your support to continue to give these free workshops to the evacuees.

Please consider donating so that we can show our brothers and sisters that we stand united with them!

 To donate please email us at or contact us via WhatsApp on 972-54-656-5192

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