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Israel ScaVentures

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Locations: Jerusalem, Jaffo, Tzfat, Tel Aviv, Maale Adumim

Phone: 0528-358-072 Website Email Them

Recommended by:

Lisa Isaacs

“I took part in a Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt on Friday and had a great time! Such fun and a perfect activity to do with kids from Kitah Aleph/Bet and upwards. I can’t wait to take my boys aged 9 and 11.’  


What’s a ScaVenture?

On an offline ScaVenture, you will navigate your way through streets, alleys and markets, engaging with sites and stories. On an online ScaVenture (sometimes known as Quarantine Quests) you will play a themed group game, engaging with friends, families and groups from wherever you are in the world! Let’s escape the ordinary, enjoy this awesome world and stay safe together!

We like to think of our games as a cross between a scavenger hunt and adventure of discovery – that’s why we call them ScaVentures!

On an Israel ScaVenture, with maps and mission packs in hand, you will navigate your way through streets, alleys and markets, engaging with the story of Israel and its people. Our Israel ScaVentures take the form of Scavenger Hunts or Dashes – they are great for families and groups of all sizes, with varying background and knowledge.

Join us on one of our many routes – Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts, Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunts, Tzfat Scavenger Hunts, Shuk Dash and like many ScaVenturers before you, you’ll come back for more, and more and more!

This comprehensive, experiential Jerusalem guidebook takes you on 5 distinct adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms, for all ages. Enjoy the  roles for each family member, clues and missions, games with maps and playing cards and much more!

ScaVentures 'Dash' games

Do you want to a fast and fun activity that can be played just with your immediate family and friends? Just download the ScaVentures City Dash and go and play!  Will you manage to navigate from the starting point to the final station? Will you manage to successfully complete all your missions? Download the ScaVentures City Dash app and see!  You can play the ScaVentures Dash app game at the following:

  • Old City ScaVentures Dash

  • Nachlaot ScaVentures Dash’

  • Neve Zedek ScaVentures Dash

Each ScaVentures Dash costs 150 shekels but if you download all three it will cost just 390 shekels. More details - contact ScaVentures!



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