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Hadara’s Ceramics Workshop

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Location: NEW location - Emek Refaim 52, Jerusalem

Phone: 0506736643


Recommended by:

Batsheva Reinitz

We were there for a small workshop. It was an incredible day and amazing experience. We learned how to make pottery on our own. Hadara was so nice to work with and very great engaging with the kids. Highly recommended!!!



Come and get messy and creative in Hadara’s ceramics studio in Jerusalem.

Its a lovely big space so groups big and small are welcome, all ages of course!

Hadara works with wet clay, making functional and decorative pieces, sculptures, Judaica and whatever (and as many) as you want!! Its great fun and perfect for families and friends! You must book in advance.

Please contact Hadara for pricing. At the time of writing:

135 NIS per person -2 hours

175 NIS per person – 3 hours

Discounts available for the 3 hour class for groups of 4 or more people or for big groups.

A Great family activity for ALL ages-

Cool and creative clay kit - delivered to your door!!!

The kit is 250 nis, comes with everything you need to create with clay at home and several friendly tutorials with ideas and tips for storing the clay so you can reuse it ( this is an activity to keep everyone busy again and again- NOT a one-time thing) .

our fun packed clay kits are great for any age, and are good for 8/9 projects .

As of now we have plenty left!! So if you plan on staying home like us- GET ONE NOW,

250 nis kit- good for 8/9 projects

340 nis- same kit with double the CLAY( big families- you DONT need 2 kits, just more CLAY- the equipment in the kit can be used by everyone again and again!!)

Please whatsapp 0506736643 with your name+address+number of kits you want!

Contact Hadara's clay studio at 050-6736643


August 2016

We just had such a special couple of hours with Hadara at her ceramic studio. Hadara is an artist with many years experience and offers workshops for adults and children. You can call her to arrange a family workshop too – which is what we did!

Hadara is happy to take all ages although I would worry that young kids would not have much patience or be able to make much…or might break something…so I would recommend this for kids age 3 or 4+. We took a mix of boys and girls age 4,6,9, 10,12 and everyone LOVED it. Hadara was great with the kids and explained how to work with wet clay, and tips and tricks to make beautiful pieces of art. Our children made bowls, trinkets, door signs and even a sculpture. It was very calm, and a nice break from touring around. The best thing about this is that everything turns out great in the end, and you are only limited by your imagination…we all had so much fun just creating. Hadara was patient and gave everyone the help they needed while encouraging them to go with their own ideas. Also the kids could make as much as they wanted so it is great value per person bearing that in mind! We are so excited to see the finished result after they have been glazed. I will post up the ‘after photos when we get them back!

Note that the process of drying and glazing can take 2-4 weeks depending on the size of what you make so if you are here on holiday make this an activity for the beginning of your trip!

August 2016-001

As promised our finished masterpieces!


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