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Life After Lockdown

This has been the most difficult year for many businesses, but the tourism sector, in particular has suffered terribly. The complete shutdown, for tourists from abroad as well as Israeli's meant that the whole industry came to a halt. Now, Israelis who are in Israel have a chance to help boost the sector, and benefit from incredible tourist opportunities without international competition for places! LoveLoveIsrael suggests you:

  • Book a registered tour guide and take your family on eye-opening and fun days out

  • Book intimate workshops just for your family to ensure your health safety

  • Register online and visit our National Parks which are so spacious there is no concern of coming too close to others

  • Hike in all the wonderful free places and enjoy the natural water springs

  • Sign up for incredible online tours and virtual museum exhibits

  • Go out for meals in restaurants

  • Buy friends vouchers for various activities/workshops/restaurants (those of you abroad can do this too!)

  • Book private villas for your family

  • Book your favorite hotels

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