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Cherry Picking Season!

Cherry season has arrived here in Israel, and here is a great list of places you can pick your own cherries! Be quick - the cherry season is very short!

Note that many require registering online, and all will ask you to comply to health regulation rules that include social distancing and wearing masks.

Group or family bookings only for up to 30 people: Can be made until 20.6.20 by arrangement only.

Phone: 050-9077002

Location: Kibbutz Kfar Etzion

Kfar Etzion Cherry Festival

Thursday May 21 or Friday May 22

YOU MUST register in advance. Places are limited.

Kibbutz Ramat Rachel

Dates offered are from May 17-May 22.

You choose a two hour time slot.

Phone: 02 6702555

Location: Jerusalem

Phone: 052-4600465

Location: Moshav Shaal Golan

Location: Moshav Odem, Golan


Location: EinZivan Golan

Phone: 046993610

Open until June 5

Location: Moshav Maon,Hevel Yatir




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