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Bustan Bereishit

Updated: May 13, 2020

Location: Ein Zivan, Golan

Phone: 046993610


Recommended by:

Joolz Brown
Bustan Bereshit by Ein Zivan is gorgeous, fun, not packed at all and full of stuff for all ages. Lots of shady green, פינות ישיבה, hammocks and apple picking…everyone from 13 to baby were happy, as were Ima and Abba


Ein Zivan Tourism offers you a visit to Bustan Bereshit in the Golan – the biggest fruit picking and attraction site in Israel. 100 dunams of scents, flavors and colors – come in and eat much of the seasonal fruit as you’d like.

A variety of attractions (some with surcharge): Challenging rope climbing area, “animal corner”, the “world of fairy tales”, pony and horseback rides, food courts, tours on a tractor cart, creativity area, all-terrain vehicles, carting for kids, coffee shop, sitting areas, picnic tables, and hammocks. The activities change from time to time and according to the season. After you pick and eat the best fruit you’ve ever tasted, you can sit back and relax on the green lawns or in the hammocks in one of our beautiful outdoor areas, drink quality coffee and purchase the best of the Golan produce in the lobby. A paradise on earth!

What fruit can you pick?

Sweet cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, Asian pear, nectarine, peach, apples of all colors, grapes, and figs – each fruit in its season. Click on the website to see what you can pick in each season.

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