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The big list of fruit, flower and vegetable picking places!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Picking fruit and vegetables is definitely one of our favorite activities. It gets us out in the fresh air – even in the Summer -it is fun for all ages and it doesn’t require much walking either, so it is really suitable for everyone.

It is unsurprising then, that many people ask me where they should go, what is near them, and when is the best time of year to go… so here is a list of places that have been tried and tested on Please let me know if you know of any other places not listed here and we will add them!

LoveLoveIsrael tips:

Many of these places get very busy over the weekend so you are advised to call first or register online.

DUE TO HEALTH GUIDELINES post-corona, many places require booking first online, so check before you head out anywhere. Most updated information is often on their Facebook pages.

The (cold) weather sometimes means places will close unexpectedly so this is another reason to call first.

Many of these places only take cash so come prepared, or check this before you head out.

The dates given here are approximate as each year the season start can vary. Prices written here may also be subject to change.



What is it? Summer fruit picking – apricots, peaches, nectarines etc. Tractor ride

Where? Golan

When? June-September

Cost? Call to check and to book.

What is it? Apples, Cherries (May-July). Factory, film, picking

Where? Golan

When? May, June, July.

You must call to book tour

Cost? Call to check and to book.

What is it? Fruit and berry picking-varies according to seasons

Where? Golan

When? May through August. Also open during Tishrei holidays.

Cost? 25 Shekel per person

What is it? Fruit and vegetable picking-varies according to seasons

Where? Beit Lechem Haglilit

When? Different seasons for different things but best from May-June

Cost? 45 shekel entry plus extra for baskets

What is it? Cherries (May to July), raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and a rich variety of mulberries, sweet and sour cherries, figs, mango-flavored grapes, Korean cherries, Chinese dates (jujube), forest strawberries, black mulberries, and many other fruits depending on season. (Mehadrin)

Where? Shaal (Golan)

When? May to October (Closed on Shabbat). Year-round activities. Call before you go.

Cost? Call them


What is it? Farming Circus plus vegetable picking in Winter, lots of activities in Summer.

Where? Moshav Hayogev, Emek Yizrael

When? Depends on season. Call to check and to book.

Cost? You pay for the circus show and then have option to pay to pick after, also olive pressing.

What is it? Spices Farm

Where? Beit Lechem Haglilit

When? All year. Special events over holidays e.g. Tu Bishvat

Cost? Basic visit is free. They have a big range paid of workshops.

What is it? Dried fruit workshop and shop.

Where? Moshav Betzet, Western Galilee

When? All seasons. Call first.

Cost? Varies on chosen activity

What is it? Strawberry picking (also flowers and raspberries depending on season). They have extra activities including chocolate dipping for the strawberries and a movie as well as arts and crafts. You can also pick herbs.

Where? Kibbutz Gan Shmuel near Hadera

When? Winter to Spring season. You must call to book before coming.

Cost? 35 Shekel per person during the week. 40 shekel on Shabbat

What is it? Strawberry picking and pick your own beautiful colorful anemones

Where? Near Nachal Alexander, not far from Netanya

When? December-June for strawberries. Jan/Feb for flowers. Call to check before you go.

Cost? 25 shekel entry to eat what you pick there. 15 shekel extra per basket. 60 for a huge bunch of your hand picked flowers.

What is it? Pick your own lunch-food to table workshops

Where? Moshav Bitan Aharon (near Netanya-Hadera)

When? Call to arrange a workshop

Cost? On inquiry

What is it? All sorts of fruit/veg picking throughout the year, including lychees in the Summer, small petting zoo and more.

Where? Kfar Horoeh

When? All year round different produce for picking

Cost? Check with them


What is it? Tour of how agriculture grows in the South, including picking some of your own. Range of fruit and vegetables depending on season.

Where? Moshav Talmei Yosef

When? You can book a tour any time

Cost? Appx 50 shekel per person in group bookings

What is it? Fields of beautiful Nurit - Ranunculus flowers to pick your own and take stunning photographs!

Where? Beer Tuvia

When? March/April

Cost? 50 Shekel per bunch.

What is it? Pick your own strawberries, berries, pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries, tree strawberries - depending on season. Small petting zoo.

Where? Gadera

When? Winter/Summer - call/check site to check

Cost? 30 Shekel for age 3+


What is it? Strawberry and vegetable picking

Where? Moshav Tzofit (Kfar Saba)

When? All year round different produce for picking

Cost? Check their website for lists of pricing

What is it? Strawberry picking

Where? Moshav Petachia (about 20 minutes from Modiin)

Cost? 30 Shekel for kids over age 3. Extra baskets at an extra cost.

What is it? Strawberry picking

Where? Hod Hasharon

When? December-May

Cost? You have to register before you go.

What is it? Clementine picking

Where? Kfar Neter (near Even Yehuda)

When? November-January

Cost? 25 Shekel per person age 3+ includes a 2KG bag to fill.

What is it? You can pick flowers as well as strawberries.

Where? Moshav Geulim, not far from Netanya

When? December-May

Cost? 20 Shekel for ages 2+, and 15 shekel per basket.

What is it? Citrus fruit picking, petting zoo, soft play, arts and crafts (weekends), make pittot, water fun in Summer.

Where? Near Petach Tikva

When? Open throughout the year but picking only in winter months

Cost? 25 shekel per adult, 35 per child over age 1.5 years. Extra cost for picking -25 shekel per bag. Must book ahead.

What is it? Strawberry picking

Where? Hod Hasharon

Cost? Entrance fee for everyone age 1+ includes one basket. 40 shekel with basket. 20 shekel without basket.

What is it? Strawberry picking

Where? Hod Hasharon

When? Winter months – call to check. Closed on Shabbat.

Cost? Pay for what you pick (or buy ready picked baskets)

What is it? Glean the fields for the poor. You will pick seasonal vegetables that will be given to poor families. Great group activity.

Where? Rechovot or in the Northץ They also have a packing warehouse in Raanana that you can volunteer at by pre-booking.

When? You need to call to arrange. Opportunities all year.

Cost? You are a volunteer to pick for the needy

Jerusalem Region

What is it? Forage berries and leaves in nature – guided tour

Where? Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Modiin and other areas.

When? All seasons. Call first to arrange.

Cost? on inquiry

Cherry season is May/June and is very short!

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