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Great Water Hikes (free) all over Israel!

It is what we are all searching for in the hot Summer months - hikes in nature that don't need reservations, and that crucially include a water component to stay cool!!

We have some great lists that you need to save, choose your preferred location, pack your bags and loads of water - and of course a hat!! Click here to buy your LoveLoveIsrael hats!!

Hikes include the Banias, Snir and Jordan River! Check it out!

Ein Tzurim, Ein Misla , Ein Yitzhak & Ein Dubek and Ein Livneh and a long hike encompassing them all!

Ein Yivka, Gan Ehud, Tel Tzur, Nachsholim and more!

Ein Yivka - Photo Credit: David Felberg

Ein Amphi, Ein Tina,

Ein Divsha, Ein Almein,

Ein Mokesh and the hidden Waterfall !!

This fabulous list is from the recommendations by LoveLoveIsrael group members! As soon as we were allowed back out in nature, you all made the most of it and told us about your fun water themed hikes around Israel!

Nachal sataf, Nachal Tavor and Nachal Hashofet.

For even more suggestions, search through and through our wonderful Facebook community and group!


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