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Perfect wet hikes - Tried & Tested by YOU!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We are loving reading about the hikes you have been on since we have been allowed!

Here are some of the top hikes being discussed on the LoveLoveIsrael Facebook group!

Wet Fun at Sataf

We love hearing from Susannah Schild who regularly updates us about her wonderful hikes. You can find her detailed hike descriptions on her 'Hiking the Holyland' blog.

Sataf, near Jerusalem, is a shady hike for all seasons.It is an easy walk towards a cool water cave that’s great for families and adults alike. Susannah advises to bring a flashlight and water shoes for exploring the cave.

To follow the trail: take the green trail down from the parking lot. Then make a right onto the blue trail (Shvil HaBaal). Follow the blue trail all the way to the spring. At the spring, take the green trail back up to the top of the mountain.

For full details read the full post here!

Photo Credit: Susannah Schild. The Spring at Sataf (Note: officially no swimming allowed)

Nachal Tavor

Tamar Lasson Weissman recommended Nachal Tavor for those people looking for a bit of a challenge! A circular route, with a tricky ascent at the end, but there's water so it's super fun. Tanya White took her family on this hike and said,

"It was truly stunning - around 3-4 hours with a stop for lunch and then we went to the Kinneret - The hike had beautiful scenery, perfect time of year for stunning flowers and shrubbery and water! Highly recommended!"

You can read a detailed report on this hike here.

Photo Credit: Tanya White. Nachal Tavor

The Hidden Waterfall

A few of you reported back on this wonderful hidden waterfall. Located in Ein Iyuv by Kafar Nachum, near the Kinneret.

Read more about it here (Hebrew).

Photo Credit: Terri Walker at the Hidden Waterfall

Nachal Hashofet

This is the perfect hike for young families and is stroller and wheelchair friendly. It is a great stop off on the way up North, just past Hadera. It has water pools for splashing in and a proper path. It can get very busy in high seasons so get there early...

Report from Phyllis Zlotnick -

We went to Nachal Hashofet yesterday! Perfect for the kids!

You can find a detailed description here!

We, at LoveLoveIsrael also visited there:

Had a fun time at Nachal Hashofet ...totally stroller friendly but as people have said you can still venture off route a bit for more adventure. We got there early - about 9:15am (about an hour from Netanya) and there were only a few other cars -we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere...but by the time we came back it was packed full so we timed it right!
It is a circular route - one small waterfall and pool, and then at the end another small pool called Ein Hashrat which my children enjoyed - braving the cave and a tunnel of water. Nothing over exciting but perfect for young kids and a nice length - we took our time and were there a couple of hours, and great not to go all the way up north for it. Ice cream van was greatly appreciated at the end too!

Photo Credit: LoveLoveIsrael at Nachal Hashofet