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Children’s Museum – Holon

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


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‘I just came back from the tour Kingdom of time with my 5 year old. It was aimed well at her age, it was fun, interesting and the guide was fantastic and really kept her attention. It was a lovely way to spend quality time with my daughter. Highly recommend’


You have to book for this tour. Note that different ages have different tours and need to be accompanied by an adult in each tour.

As this Facebook group member put it:

Sara-Sandy Zanger Gabai : The Holon “Children’s Museum” is not what you think of when you hear “museum.” it has ONLY activities that you do in a group with a guide. you have to register in advance on their website , you can’t just turn up there and buy a ticket. each activity is for a specific age group. they are very strict about that. supposedly they check tz for the kids’ ages. they do NOT let you take an infant on any of the activities. they youngest kids they have activities for are 2.5 years old. for the littlest kids’ activities, they must be accompanied by an adult, who pays full price for the ticket. BUT after saying all this, it is an amazing place. the activities are interesting, well organized, and as far as i have seen, are always appropriate for the age they say. it is in a large park, with playgrounds where you can stay afterwards or before your visit. i think it is also near the ice skating.

For older children/teens/adults there is Invitation to Silence, and Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in time, which also need to be booked and can be found on separate pages within this website.

They say:

The Israeli Children’s Museum – creating tolerance and dialogue among all of Israel’s children. The use of adventures and exhibitions which are an experience rather than a static space is what makes the difference for all visitors, not just those under 12 . The visit to the Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon is an unforgettable experience, and is designed to take the visitors on a fascinating adventure through the world of imagination and communication. Our Vision: Children have the potential to be and learn almost anything via experience. They can learn how to address one another with respect and interest, understand the difficulties of others who live with disabilities and find new ways to communicate with those who are different. The Israeli Children’s Museum has set as a goal to promote tolerance, respectful dialogue and non-violent communication between all Israeli children of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Their respect for one another is the very heart of our future relations as a nation. You can book online. For cancellations and questions please contact –

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