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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Beit Shemesh



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Batya S

‘We went to Yeladudes  – an indoor play center by Srigim/Li-on. Lots of jumping houses (“mitnap’him”) for different ages, some with tons of those plastic balls to jump in, a cycling area, slides, all kinds of play activities. Even a nicely equiped section for children 2 and under. And the hot-weather bonus: they opened the water slides early this year! Tall ones, small ones, all shaded under a tarp, immediately adjacent to the indoor area and viewable through the windows. And it’s really clean with nice bathrooms and clean carpet (so clean they won’t let you back in the indoor part if you’re still wet). And it wasn’t crowded at all. And….lots of tables to sit at, a snack bar, and of course AIR CONDITIONING! Good for kids up to age 9 or 10.


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