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Yael Aisenthal - Creative Graffiti Tours & Photography

Updated: Jan 8

Interactive Graffiti Tours all over Israel!

Locations: Tel Aviv (Florentin & Nachalat Biyamin) and the Dead Sea

Phone: +972 526 820 538



Facebook : Yael Aisenthal - Creative Tours & Photography Tel Aviv, Israel


Recommended by:

Aviva Steinberger

After so many great reviews here, I just had to try Creative Yael’s graffiti tour. It was so awesome, and exceeded expectations. I’ve done a graffiti tour with someone else before, but Yael’s tour made Tel Aviv come alive with history, and a view into the artistic bohemian underworld. Would totally recommend! I went with my 10 year old, and we both got so much out of it.

Debbie Fine

Another great activity today- the much recommended Graffiti tour in tel aviv with yael aisenthal. Yael deserves all the recommendations she receives on this group. It was absolutely brilliant- my ten year old and I both thoroughly enjoyed it- I learnt a lot and loved walking round the area, and it was fun and interactive enough to keep my daughter totally engaged too. 10/10 would love to go and do it again.


Tel Aviv

Join “CreativeYael” on her interactive family friendly graffiti experience in the bohemian hippest neighborhood in Tel Aviv called Florentine.

The tour is geared for families of all ages. Kids will be busy throughout the activity by literally becoming part of the art using the latest augmented reality technology!

They will complete a graffiti scavenger hunt throughout the tour and play various artsy games to do with the graffiti and will even get a chance to spray on the actual walls- a highlight for most!

The tour is not only super fun but it is educational too. The graffiti walls tell a rich historical story and the tour always leads to lots of interesting discussions and debates.

The neighborhood is fascinating in itself, filled with diverse people, musicians and artists from all backgrounds. An incredible mix of bars and tattoos parlors as well and many synagogues. The area is a perfect example of co-existing peacefully

Self Guided Graffiti Tour Game

Don’t need a guide? Want to lower costs? No problem!

Yael has created a self guided tour/game using your smartphones in the area of Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv!

Dead Sea

For large groups, you can join “creativeyael” in the Dead Sea for a unique tour of graffiti on old Jordanian army bases, just a forty minute drive from Jerusalem.

For all the tours, there is also an option to add a graffiti workshop to or to book one separately.

This is perfect for special occasions such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or even if you just want a memorable souvenir to take home.

About Yael:

Yael is a well travelled mom of 4, originally from England who has an art/graphic design background. She uses her creative talents to ignite curiosity in children and tap into their creative spirit broadening their thinking and imagination

Follow CreativeYael on social media to see latest pics and videos!


Yael Aisenthal - Creative Tours & Photography Tel Aviv, Israel




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