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Yad Sarah

Updated: Apr 2, 2020



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‘Great organization – great volunteering fun’ 



‘Yad Sarah welcomes visitors and is proud to show them around. Individually or in groups, short or long, passive or active, and in a selection of languages, a visit to Yad Sarah can be the highlight of your Israel experience.


The Visitor’s Center conducts drop-in guided tours in English. meeting inside the main entrance of Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Boulevard, Jerusalem. To arrange tours at other times or in other languages, please phone the Visitors Center at 02-644-4687


Groups should pre-arrange their visits in coordination with the Visitors Center, phone number above.

For Missions & Tour Groups Visiting Jerusalem : Unique Hands-On Experience!!!

By touring and volunteering 90 minutes of your time you can give the ultimate gift – FREEDOM – to thousands of people who use Yad Sarah’s walkers: the freedom to move around independently, to get out and around and enjoy the things we take for granted!

Come and work alongside our English speaking Jerusalem volunteers who will help you make the walkers. In recognition of your assistance you will receive a personalized “ I GAVE A HAND TO YAD SARAH” certificate and sticker.

Our workshops can accommodate up to 60 volunteers each session

The Bar- and Bat-Mitzvah Program at Yad Sarah:

Hundreds of youngsters from Israel and around the world have marked their coming of age by inviting their friends and families to a Bar- or Bat-Mitzvah CELEBRATION OF GIVING at Yad Sarah. You can too!

You will start out by joining the regular Yad Sarah volunteers in a workshop to lend a hand assembling orthopedic equipment that will be lent to the public. A volunteer guide will then take you and your group on a tour of the many departments, explaining how the Yad Sarah services make homecare possible for sick, disabled and aging people all over Israel. A film-and-rap session follows, on the subject of volunteering and mutual person-to-person help. The family can cap off this meaningful experience with a party of refreshments and gifts.

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