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Yad Mordechai Kibbutz Experience

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Location: Ashkelon,South

Phone: 08-6720559 or 052-3923104


Recommended by:

Leiah Elbaum
‘Great day out today at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai and the ‘Ad Halom Park. Very successful mix of Israeli history, nature and agriculture. Kids aged 3, 7 and 6 months all had a really enjoyable time, as did the other kids in our group which included bar/bat mitzvah age and a few older teens too. Activities included visiting the honey visitors centre, riding a tractor trailer around the kibbutz, petting zoo, visiting the cows and watching the milking, visiting the site of the big War of Independence battle reconstructed with models and the kibbutz museum which shows what life was like in the old days. Also had fun at the adjacent Carmiya nature reserve where we saw a field of hatzavim and had fun climbing and rolling down huge sand dunes.  There is also a Holocaust museum on the site, would only take bar/bat mitzvah and up to that. Most parts were buggy accessible (definitely not the dunes though!) and the kibbutz dining hall is kosher, though the sukkah was small and a bit ramshackle.’


All sorts of activities for children as well as for adults as above!

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