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Winter Pond Reserve / Park

Updated: Apr 3, 2020



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‘Great wooden playground, gym equipment, bbq area. Not much shade. Usually a kiosk outside. If you cross the road there is the hike to find the blue iris flower (only in Jan-feb time).’ 


Playground / Hike site

Netanya Municipality says: Winter Pond Reserve: The rare winter pond is in the southern part of Netanya, east of the sandstone cliff found by the sea shore. Every year, the winter rains flow into the pond area and make a small picturesque lake. The size and life-time of the lake depend on the amount of precipitation each year. During the spring months the “pond” attracts many travelers from all over Israel: nature lovers, painters, photographers, scholars and students. In the small area of the pond, life begins anew each winter: crabs, daphnia and various water insects – as many as 20 species, come to life in the pond’s water. More than 100 eucalyptus trees were planted around the pond in the 19th century and give a special look as they are ideal dwelling place for ravens, herons, crows and ring-necked parakeets.

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