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Tut Neyar

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Location: Zichron Yaakov

Phone: 054 649 0559




Recommended by:

Lynne Gazit

“At Tut Neyar in Zichron Yaakov amazing paper mill where kids can see the process and actually have hands on experience of paper making. Brilliant! Tip: must call before to have this experience”


Workshops and Demonstrations

In our lovely yard , you can enjoy a 30-minute demonstration of transforming the bark of the tree into fine paper!

In an enjoyable workshop, you can experience hands-on the traditional way of making paper and embedding fresh flowers and leaves in the paper. After drying, the paper is yours! The workshop runs for about an hour.

Families and small groups are welcome by reservation only.

Contact us for reservation: 054-649-0559 or you can book via this link!

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Tut-Neyar Paper mill was established in 1986 by Timna and Izhar Neumann, in the old town of Zichron-Ya’akov, Israel, located on the Carmel Mountain, facing the Mediterranean Sea. They are dedicated to making quality hand made paper from the finest fibers. Their main raw material is the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry tree (Tut-Neyar in Hebrew or Kozo in Japanese), which they grow themselves.

The mill is run as a small family enterprise by Timna and Shaked Neumann, who make all the paper & paper products by hand assures high quality & unique finished products.

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