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Tour De Sound

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Location: Various tours around the country

Phone: 052-665-5739

Recommended by:

Tali Tarlow

I went on amazing tour with the Tour de Sound team. They do guided tours (with a qualified tour guide) combined with live music played in picturesque/unusual outdoor locations. We did the sunset tour in the Tel Azeika and Adulam near Beit Shemesh, the guide Daniel Schwarz was fantastic (I learnt so much), the setting was STUNNING, the music was soulful, and at the end there were tasters of amazing ciders from local breweries. I know that they have a few routes and are currently developing more. If you have tons of littles kids with loads of energy then this may not be the activity for you, but for groups where the kids are older, and certainly for adult groups (I’m thinking corporate events etc) this is a perfect activity!

Ancient ruins make for perfect concert halls!


Yedidia and Daniel Schwarz are brothers and classical musicians. They decided to connect their two loves: music and touring.

Join them on a journey through time, nature and beautiful scenery to unwind and watch,

listen and connect to historical places and the local people in a unique and diverse way.

Check out their Website or FB for details on their upcoming tours. You can also book for your own private groups.

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