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Feel Alive with the Sound of Music

There is no doubt that the past year and a half has been marked by the quiet, by the alone time, the time spent at at home alone and afraid. Perhaps this is why this stunning experience by 'Tour De Sound' had such an impact on me.

Yedidya & Daniel Schwartz - brothers, musicians + Daniel is a tour guide!

I am not a musical person (my husband is), yet I admit that I felt all the emotions while listening to the beautiful sounds of the music played by these two unassuming musicians. Maybe it was the relief of being back out in Israel's beautiful nature, maybe it was the feeling of hope for a new beginning, but the music combined with a breathtaking view of the hills of Judea was so powerful!

Ancient ruins in the hills of Tzuba

Tour De sound is an example of innovation during our new unpredictable status quo. With concerts and events barely happening during the last year, Yedidya and Daniel Schwartz decided they needed to come up with something new and unique. Thus, 'Tour De Sound' was born.

With Daniel's knowledge as a newly qualified Israeli tour guide, they decided to create a special tour that would include fascinating background, accompanied by private concerts in the most incredible spots imaginable. Who new that ancient ruins could be such perfect concert halls - with both acoustics and views!

The view from the 'concert hall'

Our particular tour was on Tel Tzuba (near Beit Shemesh) and we were fortunate to enjoy beautiful music at a few locations on our two hour tour. This particular tour was not strenuous at all, although decent footwear was helpful and took us to some stunning historical spots in the area. Ancient trees with amazing stories were the backdrop to one concert and to finish off, we enjoyed a wine tasting with musical interludes at the Tzuba Winery.

It was such a pleasure to finally see the winery buzzing with people after such a long hiatus. The other people there lucked out when they realized they too would get to hear a wonderful concert while enjoying their wine!

As you can tell, I recommend this tour! It is not for kids (although I am sure you it could work if you book your own family tour) but aimed at older teens and adults. It is a really special way to see Israel and take some time to relax and enjoy the nature Israel has to offer.

Ideal for work events and special occasions. They can also come to play at your own events! Definitely a worthwhile treat that you own yourself!



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