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ToMo Candy

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Location: Ha'haroshet St. 19, Raanana

Phone: +972-525468920

Recommended by:

Jackie Freeman

Kids (8 yrs old) had a blast at this candy making workshop. Fun and creative indoor activity for a hot day.


  • ToMo Candy, invites everyone from the age of 6+ to participate in a unique, one of a kind, educational, interactive and fun (not to mention tasty) master class of making delicious hard candies!

  • You will learn and actively participate in the fascinating procedure of rock candy making and witness the exquisite colors, smells and textures which are an integral part of the final product – delicious candy!

  • You will create and design their own lollipops and will jointly pour, color, knead, roll, pull, cut and pack unique shaped, hard candies which you will take home with you (each participant will leave with their own hand-made lollipop as well as with 2 jars of candy prepared during the master class).

  • The class takes place in Ramat Gan, in the candy workshop. Master Classes are approximately 1.5 hrs.

  • What are you waiting for?! book your fun candy making workshop today!

  • Kosher. Mehadrin

  • Advanced registration is required for the master class.

  • The maximum number of people in one group is 6 kids.

LoveLoveIsrael Review

We have just come back from a really fun morning!

What did we do?

We brought 4 children with us but they really have little space so their limit really is 6 kids. Us parents also had a go but it was a squash – so it is great for a family of up to 6 including parents, or for bringing up to 6 children and the adults keep out of the way. They recommend age 6+ and I was pleased my 4 year old didn’t come in the end – apart from the fact that the candy can be very hot, it would have been a bit difficult for her to reach, or take in what was being done and I don’t think it would have kept her interest. For age 6+ they can fully join in and participate in the stages of candy production!

The display inside the shop shows off the candy they can make – they make hard candy (boiled sweets and lollipops) out of only natural ingredients – no E numbers or preservatives.

Everyone was handed special heat resistant gloves and we learnt what ingredients are used, watched it boil to the required temperature and joined in and watched the whole process of the sugar mixture boiling all the way to producing delicious sweets!

We all enjoyed it – we made watermelon flavored sweets, in watermelon colors, in all sorts of shapes. We came home with our own professional looking sweets which the children are very proud of! The whole workshop took about an hour and a half and was fun and different and recommended. You can also order personalized sweets for your events or they can bring the workshop to your event!

Just hurry and book in your workshop because they fill up fast in peak seasons.

(May 2016)

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