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TLV Show!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

NEW! ESCAPEZOOM Virtual Experience from Home

The creators of TLVSHOW, one of Israel's leading attraction's, are proud to present the new experience - Escapezoom! A challenging digital escape game, unifying and funny, with live actors - and all in a video call on Zoom! Genius!

* Crazy sale - big discount for booking until December 2020!

Scroll down to fill in your details and TLV Show will contact you to confirm details and arrange your experience!! Scroll down to book!

Information about Live TLVShow in Tel Aviv:



Recommended by:

Tamar Pearlman

In follow up to my request to find a family friendly activity for my Father in laws 70th birthday, keeping 7 to 70 year old's happy. We were recommended to try out the TLV Show. I would highly recommend, we all had a great time, although I would say age 9 and up. It was a great fun activity that kept the teens involved and interested. A great way to spend time with family/friends and see Tel Aviv.

“One of the best days out we’ve ever had in Israel” Read the LoveLoveIsrael Review below!


What They Say:

“SO what is TLV SHOW?

Think about “Truman’s Show” or “The Game”, just in real life.

Before the show, our researchers conduct an investigation and research about the participants, to find out personal information about them, that will be incorporated during the show’s plot. The show is ideal for anyone who wants to embark on an unforgettable adventure, to experience a fun, unique and unifying experience.”

April 2017

WOW!!! I cannot recommend this activity enough. This was certainly the highlight of our Pesach break, and probably the year!

The only difficult part is how to explain why this was so brilliant, without giving too much away! Most of my photos can’t be published either because I’m not going to spoil it for you!

I will start first with the customer service. From arranging a suitable date, all the way through to receiving our group photos and personalized slideshow of our ‘show’ afterwards, the staff of TLV Show were organized, helpful and responded quickly. They were lovely to deal with and gave us a great vibe before we even arrived.

The great thing about this show is definitely the unknown…all we knew was where to park and then we knew that we needed to phone to say we were ready in order to receive directions and start our ‘show’! We set off into the quaint streets of Neve Tzedek to start our secret mission…

The whole event took about 2 hours. They had us totally enthralled from meeting the very first actor who had us all laughing and totally into the game straight away. From age 3-61 years – including tweens, teens and adults – everyone had a role to play, and everyone was hooked. Throughout the whole 2 hours we could not predict what would happen next and totally began to think that everyone we saw or met on the streets was part of it! All the actors involved were just fantastic and the set up of the game which was along the lines of a live-action escape room, was clever and out of the box.

In addition, included in the price are snacks and soft drinks and for the adults…wine! We had so much fun together as a family but I can imagine that the game would be even more thrilling for an adult only group – either among friends or as an office team building experience. They performed entirely in perfect English for us, although of course there is a Hebrew option as well.

For days afterwards, we couldn’t stop talking about the fun we all had and analyzing our experience. It is certainly true that this is not a cheap activity but it is real value for money – it is what you would pay for a two hour show, yet here it includes refreshments and you are actually part of the show!

My tip if you do book this up is that whoever does the booking keeps quiet to whoever else is doing the activity with them about any of the correspondence between the booker and the TLV staff and if the event is for you, make sure someone else is in charge of arranging it!

It really is a unique experience, and fun for friends or family alike – very highly recommended!

What They Say: 

Curiocity Events Ltd. is a creative company that develops, produces and markets interactive theatrical experiences to engage and entertain groups. Inspired by the movie “The Game”, Curiocity’s first offering is TLVShow – a fun, suspenseful thriller that plays itself out over two hours in the heart of Tel Aviv.

TLVShow has a carefully crafted, ingenious plot that is driven through the participation of real actors. It maintains a high level of suspense since nothing is as it seems and anything or anyone in the surroundings can be part of the game. The group members themselves ultimately become the stars of the show. TLVShow is suitable for private groups (from 5 up to 200 participants) such as families, friends or company staff. The show is customized based on information received beforehand about the participants, and a group member acts as a “mole” throughout the show – helping the show manager and actors to tailor the experience to the group dynamics.

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