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The Zomet Experience

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Gush Etziyon



Recommended by:

Melissa Danto Rayman

‘We went before it was officially opened and had a guided tour/shiur that was awesome.’


The Zomet Experience opens the door to a unique learning experience enabling you to understand while having fun.

Zomet’s experiential visitors center lets you enter behind the scenes and understand how The Zomet Institute’s Rabbis and Engineers solve techno-halachic problems enabling countless devices to be used on Shabbat.

The Zomet Experience is suited to: Families of all Jewish denominations, Bat/Bar Mitzvah Tours, Synagogue Missions, Youth Movements, Birthright, Christian Tours and Senior Citizens.

The Zomet Institute has stood at the crossroads of Jewish Law and Modern Life since 5737 (1976) and has succeeded in merging these paths which often appear to be divergent. The Zomet Experience was created to teach others how they can join in the quest to synthesize Torah and Modern Life

Ticket Prices : Self Guided Tour 20 NIS per person Children below age 7 – FREE

Guided Tour Small Group (Up to 14 People) 200 NIS plus 20 NIS per person (ages 7 and up) Children below age 7 – FREE

Large Group (15-50 people) 500 NIS – for the whole group

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