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The Well Guesthouses Zimmerbus

Updated: May 4, 2020

Location: Ezuz, Negev Phone: 055-667-7962


Recommended by:

Yael Webb Parnes
‘Nice and Comfy inside. Air conditioning too! Lots of interesting things to do in the area as well. I recommend going Shivta and rolling off the nearby dunes.’ 


Zimmerbus is situated in the small hilltop village of Ezuz overlooking the picturesque open spaces of the Negev desert. A one hour drive from Beersheba, Zimmerbus consists of recycled buses that have been lovingly crafted into 3 deluxe guestrooms. Zimmerbus offers travellers and families a delightful retreat in the area of Kadesh Barnea, rich with Biblical history. The tranquillity of the surrounding nature, Ezuz’s colorful community of artists and organic farmers and the comfort and uniqueness of Zimmerbus combine together to provide a place that is refreshing to the weary soul.

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