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The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Tel Aviv



Recommended by:

Josie Glausiusz-Kluger

My review of the new Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv is published today in Nature. I highly recommend a visit! It’s fully wheelchair and stroller accessible and kids will love it. To quote from my review:

“Children are just as likely to be mesmerized by the exhibits. The Form and Function room is filled with artfully mounted animals — including a caracal leaping to capture a ground-dwelling bird called a black francolin — and the skeletons of native and non-native mammals and birds. A replica velociraptor hangs from the ceiling (although, as Dayan admits, the only traces of dinosaurs found in Israel are footprints).

Bugs and Beyond celebrates entomology, including cases filled with live Madagascar hissing cockroaches, giant stick insects and pinned tarantulas and butterflies of all colours and sizes. Kids can also watch a video of a dead rodent decomposing in half a minute, its fur and bones replaced by grass and a graceful toadstool.” Link to the full review here.


The museum is open from July as a trial run! Great morning out of the heat! Under 5s go free.

The museum presents Israel’s national treasures of nature, selected from a scientific collection of five and a half million items. In its exhibitions you will see thousands of items gathered through the years, in rare exhibits and displays that tell the story of the natural world around us.

The mission of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel Aviv University is to inspire acquisition of knowledge, to promote understanding, and to reinforce our bonds with nature and our place within it – for the benefit of future generations.

The museum reveals scientific knowledge from research taking place within the museum itself and unique perspectives in an experiential, multi-sensory and enjoyable way, creating a special closeness and interaction with nature that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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