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The Shanghai Circus -Pesach 2016

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


Shanghai Circus

NEW – READ the LoveLoveIsrael Review below!!

March 18 -April 9  in Haifa, April 15 -May 14  in Tel Aviv, May 20 – June 4  in Beer Sheva, August 5-30  in Netanya

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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are entering the gates of the magnificent Chinese city – Shanghai.

Somewhere among tens of millions of people, the modern, smooth and prosperous industrial city of Shanghai with its long history, historic temples, ancient buildings and alleyways, Chinese acrobatics art was born. Art connects the sounds, smells, culture, and aesthetics of the place it comes from and this can truly be seen in the internationally renowned acrobatics troupe of Shanghai – the Shanghai Circus.

The circus will give you a unique opportunity to experience the limits of the human body  – so amazing it will leave you sitting open-mouthed as you watch with wonder.


Over 30 Chinese athletic artists combined with the rich music and sounds that capture the richness of China will perform a show that combines dance with hypnotic and complex stunts and tricks some of which are the most dangerous in the world and require concentration, strength and accuracy.

Shanghai Circus style combines ancient tradition with the contemporary. For the first time in Israel, inside the circus tent there will be a giant LED screen to enhance the experience of this fascinating and magical journey throughout the show.

Appropriate for the whole family Lasts two hours including an intermission

There are no animals in the circus

Tour of Shanghai Circus:

18.3 to 9.4 in Haifa. 15,4 to 14.5  Ganei Yehoshua, Sportech North. Tel Aviv (Including Passover and Independence Day) 20.5 to 4.6 in Beersheba.



The Circus Tent

April 2016 (Tel Aviv Performance)

Today was first day Chol Hamoed and we went to the 4pm circus show. All 5 children, ages 4-12yrs enjoyed it and so did the adults!

Firstly regarding parking  – if you put Sportech Tel Aviv into Waze, it will direct you to the parking along Sderot Rokach. It is free, and there were plenty of spaces right outside. We arrived with plenty of time to spare. Advisable to get there about twenty minutes before the start of the show because the car park will get busy and slow when the people from the previous performance leave, which could then make you late if you are stuck in it.


The circus tent is bright and colorful and a lovely size. It is well air conditioned. I would say that if you are right on the end side of area 1 & 8 your view will be limited but still OK. I would say that everywhere else has a great view and the performers do a great effort at facing all sides of the audience to get everyone involved.

All in all the acrobatics were impressive and some quite daring. It was not scary at all and I don’t think it was too loud. My sensitive 4 year old was totally fine and enjoyed it. In between the main acts there was a clown act which the younger children loved and also made the teens and adults smile and laugh! It was a real treat and I would recommend it. Great for the whole family.

The show began just after 4pm and we came out just before 6pm. There was a 15 minute interval.

Kosher for Pesach food was available to buy (with a Teuda) as well as the usual light up toys you may want to avoid…;)


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