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The Painted House - Shlomi

Location: Shlomi

Phone: 077-2308313

הבית המצויר בשלומי


Photo Credit: Hindel Swerdlov

Recommended by:

Hindel Swerdlov

If you’re near the beaches if Achziv and Rosh Hanikra, you can drive minutes more to the Painted House in Shlomi. Highly recommended. 15 shek a person, (can seat 25 at a time for their short ten minute video of the 90 year old Yemenite woman who painted it).
It’s a three bedroom home painted from top to bottom. Literally. Astounding.
Check out the horse in the backyard as well.
You need to book in advance. Call 077-2308313. They open at 9am and the volunteer who works there comes from three minutes away so a coordinated time is a must.
We were only two people so you don’t need to be a group for him to open, he just literally needs to be there to open the door and then play the video for you. I blv he’ll open then doors till 3 pm.
Name for Waze is listed in the comments below. Park on that street in front of the address for the painted house. There will be a pathway leading from the sidewalk to the BACK of the building. Which will lead you to the front of a second building. It is the most left entrance of that second building. Up half a flight of steps , and you’ll see the first of many painted doors.
Your visit can be anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Good for all ages.
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