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The Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music

Updated: May 6, 2020

Location: Ein Hod




Recommended by:

Jeremy Collins
If you are up for something a bit quirky I highly recommend the music box museum in Ein Hod. We had a truly memorable tour there and it is great got kids of all ages. We combined it with a short hike at Habonim beach and lunch in a little cafe in Ein Hod.


The Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Ein Hod contains the finest collections of antique music boxes and other mechanical musical instruments in the Middle East. The collection, which was accumulated over 40 years by Nisan Cohen, the founder of the Nisco Museum, contains music boxes, hurdy gurdies, an automatic organ, a reproducing player piano, a collection of 100 year old manivelles, gramophones, hand operated automatic pianos and many other antique musical instruments.

Open daily: 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Guided musical tours every hour

Special concerts – call for information Groups require reservations.

Admission including guided tours: Adults 30 Shekels. Children 20 Shekels.

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