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The Hebrew Music Museum

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




Recommended by:

Miriam Knepler Hirsch

We went there last succot. Really cool and the Kids loved it. You get your own tablet and go from room to room listening to the different instruments used by different Jewish communities around the world. There is also a model of the Temple with a 3d headset you put on and feel like you are inside the Temple.


A collection of hundreds of beautiful musical instruments in a museum dedicated to the history of Jewish music – both in the Diaspora and in Israel – opened to the public on Sunday 23rd April.

A special section at the end lets you see through Virtual Reality goggles and feel and hear ‘as if you are in the third temple’ (seen by some as controversial).

“In the museum:

1. Jewish music development from the various diasporas and in Eretz Israel 2. The roots of Jewish music in the Diaspora 3. Means of preserving and transmitting music from generation to generation 4. Consciousness of the people to their own musical culture 5. Any visitor from Israel or elsewhere will receive a unique musical experience packed with positive emotions.

After the tour, visitors will go up to the auditorium where they will view an animated film about the history of Jewish music through history, culminating with his return to the Land of Israel. It will be broadcast hourly. Hope for the unity of all mankind will be felt by the visitors. Our guests will then be able to appreciate the goodness that Jewish music has brought to humanity.”

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