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Technoda Science Museum

Updated: Apr 2, 2020



Recommended by:

Harriet Finn

I know that people have already posted about this but I wanted to recommend Technoda – – in Hadera. I went there with my 8, 5 and 2 year old who had a ball. There is a science park outside and an indoor museum. Lots of hands on interactive activities. We combined it with Park Utopia which worked brilliantly.


Outdoor Science Park 

The new Science Park at Technoda Givat Olga brings the finest physical principles that affect our daily lives to a single stage under the sky. How does the sound move afar like in the telephone? How can sun rays propel boats or squirt water jets? How does the water warm up in a solar heater?

 An acre of an outdoor scientific lab was built to illustrate for you the answers to these questions! Dozens of spectacular exponents at the park domains will show the wonders of science through a “hands on” experience.

The Energy Domain displays exhibits that show the different energy sources and how to use them. For example: solar energy that enables boats to cruise on a lake and activates water fountains; heat energy that lights fire, wind energy that operates a weather vane and different methods to raise  water through physical energy created by human power.

The sound Domain: here one can find gigantic musical instruments, through them the visitor can learn about the principles of physics in music and sound. For example what is the impact of the resonance box or the influence of the type of material on the sound like the length and the thickness of the strings of musical instruments.

The Aviation Domain: The Exhibit presents the “Arrow” missile and a phantom Jet that traveled  for three days through the roads of Israel to get “home” at the Technoda

Interactive Science Museum

The Technoda museum features 500 meters that display two interactive exhibitions: The first exhibition “A round at the amusement Park” is attached to phenomena the visitor can experience when visiting an amusement Park. The mechanics of physical phenomena is learnt through exponents from the amusement park life like a roller coaster, bumper cars, a marry- go- round, etc. The second exhibit exposes the visitor to 50 different interactive exponents that display the foundation of science. At the exhibit one can find also a dark room to experience the several light phenomena.

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