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Updated: Apr 13, 2020



Recommended by:

Deborah Dickson

“We were so happy with this venue for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. We have been to the restaurant many times for meals with friends and to enjoy the karaoke and knew we loved the food and atmosphere so chose it for our function. They were really laid back but very flexible and helpful and did everything they could to make the evening so fun and enjoyable for everyone. We had about 150 guests which fit great with plenty of dance space.”


Meaty, Kosher Restaurant, Bar, Karaoke

If you dream of a laid back atmosphere but one that is coupled with a culinary experience – Tarabin is the place!

Tarabin Herzliya is a restaurant with a special, magical atmosphere that combines compared karaoke evenings, dancing and loads of fun!

At Tarabin, your meal is an experience, sitting down in absolute comfort, Bedouin style or, if you prefer, you can choose low chairs or sitting by a regular table of regular chairs.

The food is kosher, distinctive and delicious and you can choose from a rich and varied menu.

You’re guaranteed a special experience! Reserve a table and come with a good mood!

We can accommodate private events for up to 400 people.

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