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Studio ArtWorks – The Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




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Give yourself the gift of the creative experience. Touch the magic that exists within us all. Give life to something that was not before. Connect with your inner self and give it form. See something new in the world. Create beauty and enhance your life. Discover what makes you tick.

Studio Artworks has created an environment that supports creative adventure. Headed by Mallory Serebrin, an established Jerusalem artist, designer and teacher; Mallory will guide you on an artistic and creative journey with clay and other materials to learn the language of line, form and color.


Whether you work in clay, wood, draw, paint or sculpt, knowing abstract design fundamentals is essential. If you missed out on going to art school, Studio Artworks offers a 1 year fundamentals course that will give you the skills to see in a whole new way.  

Open Studio classes for 3 hours each (2.5 hours evenings) are offered to students with some experience. Use this time to create and work on individual projects of your choice with help from Mallory or other teachers. 

From September to June, a series of 20 clay workshops are held, offering new ideas to your working repertoire. Taught by Mallory and other guest artists, you will learn new techniques and get inspired!  

Classes (chugim) start at age 6 through to age 14 (after that, we call them adult!) Kids are encouraged to explore their creativity and are assisted in individual and group projects.

A variety of membership options are available to those who want to come for more than 3 hours a week.

A favorite in Jerusalem for kids aged 7-12. Summer sessions of clay and crafts are held at the studio from 9-2 daily. English and Hebrew spoken. (Available to kids from Israel and abroad.) 


A number of intershipships/assistanships are offered each year. In exchange for helping in the studio, interns are given time to work in the studio on their own projects. ​Some previous clay experience required please.

Explore the foundation of art and design through color, line, form and abstract principals. Three 9-week courses are offered throughout the year on: Color Theory, Drawing and 3-Dimensional Design. A must for the serious artist.

Parent – child, Grandparent – child class is offered during the year. Make special time with your child or grandchild to create together. This is a refreshing change to connect and create beautiful work and memories.

Camp for Chanukah and Pesach

Every Chanukah and Passover vacation, the studio opens its doors for 3 days of fun, clay and craft making. Projects offer a variety of mediums including clay, mosaics and more. 

Beginners Clay Tools & Techniques

You want to try clay and know nothing about it, this is the class. 6-week session of step-by-step instruction on the basics of hand building. 2.5 hours each lesson. No experience needed; Just a desire and a good attitude!

Learn how to “throw” on the wheel in 1 hour private lessons. Starting with cylinders and moving on to bowls and cups, personal instruction will guide you through this process.

Special Activities:

Parties and Group Functions

We offer birthday parties and other celebratory events. Together, we will design a great experience for your occasion.

16 people maximum 8 people minimum.​

Teacher Training Seminar

For those with experience in clay and want to work towards becoming a clay instructor. 

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