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Streetwise Graffiti Tour

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Tel Aviv


Recommended by:

Charlotte Leon

‘I highly recommend Guy Sharett. We did his tour last summer & our 11 and 8 year old loved it too.’


The Florentin Urban Culture & Graffiti Tour

Explore Southern Tel Aviv’s bohemian Neighborhood with Guy as he deciphers the “writing on the walls” – street signs, graffiti and bumper stickers filled with Hebrew gems and insights into contemporary Israeli culture. Leave your grammar textbooks at home for this tour. With his marker and whiteboard in hand, Guy breaks down complex verbs, colloquial expressions and witty slang while teaching the history of this bustling and dynamic neighborhood. Stops include hidden alleyways, a nearly century-old Synagogue, and gritty workshops, where participants will have the opportunity to interact with locals.

Location: Florentin Neighborhood, Tel Aviv

Hebrew Level: You don’t have to speak Hebrew, the tour is in English. From time to time I might mention stuff about Hebrew, depends on who is on the tour today, but anyone can join the tour.

Length: 1.5 hrs


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