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Speculo Glass Studio

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Location: Caesaria National Park

Phone: 053 820 5475



Recommended by:

Rachelle Rosenberg-Hornung
I want to take the opportunity to recommend an amazing glass blowing workshop in the Caesaria port. The owners just began this workshop two months ago and they were super interactive with my kids ages 5-11. It was very hands-on and they walked away with quite a number of pieces that they made. Reach out to him – the studio is called Speculo- 053-8-205-475


Book a Demonstration!

This is a breathtaking demonstration lasting about 1 hour. Suitable for both adults and children.

Explanations about our location, about glass & about glass production- Interactive demonstration including high level techniques & simple techniques that allow some of the audience to be involved!

– Times & your tickets here:

Price per person is 35 NIS when joining a demo (does not include entrance to the Caesarea port)

– Private demos cost 1,650 NIS for up to 55 people

Watching a demo as part of a group is 35 NIS per person (minimum 20 people)


Glass blowing workshops – offered Sunday through Saturday. Schedule your workshop by the phone: 0538205475 (Yachdav) – 3 hour workshops for couples / families / groups 1200NIS for a couple. Each additional person is 150 NIS. – Workshop includes: – A glassblowing station (bench & furnace) – Clear & colored glass – Entrance to Caesarea Port (Area of the restaurants, galleries & beach. Price per person at the gate is 14 NIS per person. Parking is free) – Blowing is done in collaboration (couple / group) – Beer, coffee, pastries – Shipping of what you make to an Israel address (comes out of the annealer 1-2 days after the workshop)



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