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Soos V’Agala – Wood Workshop

Updated: May 4, 2020

Location: Kadima

Phone: 09-8990909

Phone: 054-4717286


Recommended by:

Andi Saitowitz
“I took the kids to this wood workshop in Kadima, 10 mins from Raanana- its great fun, need about 2 hours, perfect for kids from age 4 upwards…. quite pricey but a very special outing and they make amazing things”


Carpentry workshop for building wooden toys driven by green energy. Located in Kadima, ten minutes from Netanya.

Children are invited to see how to design and construct wooden toys, using green energy, rotational kinetic or solar as well as participate in designing their own carpentry workshops, wooden toys, and ride the big rocking horse in the world!

Each child receives individual support and guidance, glue, paint, and get to design an amazing wooden toy based on their own imagination!

All the are toys dynamic, moving, rolling and flying without using batteries, and authentic hand-made as well as environmentally conscious.

Visitors can ride the world’s biggest rocking horse – winner of the Guinness World Record for 2014, rising to a height of 6 meters, which can hold up to 50 children together (!).

Suitable for ages 4-13. Closed on Shabbat.

Workshops are in small groups – You must book in advance

Prices depends on the project – ranges from 150-420NIS

You can call to arrange a workshop at any time. NB Workshops also available for adults – call and ask about them!

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