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Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Netanya,Michmoret

Phone: *5921


Recommended by:

Laura Borden Richter
We visited Seakura seaweed farm for a tour and highly recommend it. The tour is educational and interesting plus it’s followed by a small meal of seaweed based foods. It was excellent value for the money and from aged 7-55 we all enjoyed. Minimum of 10 for a tour. FYI if you have a nut allergy let them know as a lot of foods included nuts.


We are opening the doors to a fascinating world!

You are invited to “Seaweed at a Glance” – an experiential tour for the whole family at the Seakura facility; an impressive presentation about the Mediterranean and the world of seaweed. At our information center you can experience the characteristics of the sea, the types of fish living in it and the environmental changes which affect life under the sea. At the Seakura facility we will introduce you to the technology responsible for growing seaweed on land. You can observe our unique growing method while learning about healthy nutrition combining clean, organic seaweed grown at the facility. The tour is a different kind of experience- fascinating and educational for all ages!

“Seaweed at a glance” – A unique experience for all ages! • The activity lasts about an hour and a half, and is suitable for the entire family. • Where? The facility is located on the Coast Road, with Beit Yannai on the right, on the Coast Road going north.

Come and enjoy!

A tour combining pictures and informative explanations all along the route Videos and virtual tours as well as an introduction to various sea creatures A fascinating peek into the process of growing seaweed Tastes of our unique foods containing seaweed, as well as sales of the seaweed culinary products. The activity lasts about an hour and a half, and is suitable for the entire family. The facility is located on the Coast Road near Beit Yanai. Near Nachal Alexander.

Cost: 45 NIS per person (over age 6) Number of participants: up to 35 people Discount: 10% discount to pensioners, soldiers in uniform, students upon presentation of a student card | 15% discount to disabled people The tour conditional on a minimum of 10 participants.

For further details: *5921

Seakura’s vision

From the dawn of creation, the sea has served as the source of life on earth, covering two thirds of its surface.

The seaweed which grows in the oceans acts as the basis for the development of the plant and animal kingdoms.

Seakura has chosen to take on the challenge of protecting the oceans, the seas and their resources, while developing a sustainable system.

Seakura has developed unique technology for land-based seaweed farming as a basis for the continuing development of a healthy food chain, while remaining vigilant about the environment and the Eco-system.


For years now, Israel has been at the forefront of the agricultural field. Many though are unaware that Israel is equally innovative in the area of marine agriculture. Marine agriculture is relatively new in comparison with ancient, land-based agriculture, as for hundreds of years people have relied upon food from the sea, without having to raise or grow it themselves. In the past, seaweed was taken from the sea, and those who consumed it as a food were cultures who lived by the sea and found their sustenance in it. Today, however, given the looming threat of a lack of food due to population explosion on the one hand, and the massive damage done to the marine environment on the other, scientists have realized that one way to address some of these future challenges is to develop technology for ecological marine agriculture.

Sukkot 2019

This is a gem of an outing and we had such a great visit! We went on a Hebrew tour during Sukkot with my family – my parents, and my children ages 7-15 years old. The location was great for us as my parents live nearby in Netanya and we followed Waze to reach this hidden Seaweed production site right by the Alexander River (so it would be great teamed up with visiting the turtles in the river)!

We met Natalie, our guide (who also speaks fluent English) and she introduced us to the site and gave explanatory talks on our tour which was mainly inside. There were nice short movies as we went round that explained the current environmental situation and why seaweed could well be the future super food. We all got to feel and taste different types of the seaweed while it was growing in the salty water. Surprisingly all of us found the tour really interesting and it gave us plenty of food for thought!

The highlight was definitely the food tasting. The kitchen is kosher and vegetarian  -made with only kosher products – although they don’t yet have a teuda. All the dishes had seaweed in their ingredients and it was amazing to taste a simple Israeli Salad with added seaweed – which not only tasted good (and my fussy kids even ate it!) but had such added nutritional value by adding the seaweed.

The Israeli-made seaweed and products we saw on offer at the end had hechshers and we couldn’t resist bringing some frozen cubes and other goodies (that you can only buy from there). Highly recommend this tour for something different and interesting and an insight into the future of agriculture around the world!

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