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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Tel Aviv



Recommended by:

Paula Blank

‘I went to Sarona Market  in Tel Aviv. Really nice. The market is full of upscale stores and restaurants – mostly not supervised kosher, but there is Carmeli bagel and a place that makes outrageous ice pops. Outside there are beautiful grounds – including playgrounds for kids. There is a Templar tunnel (need reservations) ,a gallery and unique stores. Someone was teaching dances. All in all a lovely place to go with or without the kids.’


Tour of the Visitor’s Center and Mill House are recommended. You must book. Link for the actual Market here.  Also enjoy the great outdoor boutique shops.


Sarona combines a unique architectural history with a dynamic urban experience. Together they create a center of culture, leisure and shopping in a relaxed and upscale atmosphere. The renewed colony includes an urban park and the accurately restored original 37 buildings of the Templar settlement. These have been transformed into elegant cafes, ritzy restaurants, high-end art galleries and an assortment of specialty shops.

A few steps away from the bustle of the city with its traffic jams and honking horns awaits an oasis of relaxation that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Templars themselves. Smart homes surrounded by ficus trees and lush lawns provide a magical sense of suspension from time and space. Here you will find wide, tree-lined paths that will make your steps light and your heart even lighter. In this oasis you will find select specialty stores featuring the best of brands and an unparalleled world of pleasure.

If you shut your eyes, you will easily be transported back to a time of elegance and of fantastic stories. Sarona is a place where yesterday, today and tomorrow converge and create an intangible magic.

Above all, Sarona offers its visitors freedom and options. Its vast open spaces make it an island of green in the heart of the city providing a wealth of options for leisure time. For those interested in History, the Visitor Center provides exhibitions that reveal the little and not-so-little stories that make up the riveting history that is known as Sarona.


For those seeking a colorful and vibrant urban experience, they are sure to find a wealth of options such as the farmer’s market, street shows, book fairs and current cultural events that the Sarona team are constantly developing for the public’s enjoyment.

Sarona is a respite for those wanting to escape the city’s concrete jungle. By contrast, it offers lush green botanical gardens that replicate the agricultural nature of the original Templar settlement and provides peace, quiet and inspiration. Here you can lie down, shut your eyes under a massive Ficus tree and listen to the birds chirping.

As the sun sets, the space is transformed into an elegant destination for city revelers looking to let off steam after a hard day’s work. Here, you will find the city’s top restaurants, smart bars or retail options for your shopping craves.

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