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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Tel Aviv


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Dalia Stemmer Leaf

We went with kids ages 5-12 and everyone was happy. Went to eat in the Azrieli centre and then walked across the road, walked round the market, also went into the cookie store which is really lovely but very very busy and then the kids played in the playground for ages. Was great, would definitely go back. (August 2015)


Outdoor areas, historical Templar’s town – visitor’s center tours available, nice (expensive) shops, restaurants and bars (includin about 4 kosher milky places), an indoor market, playground, pond, grass and picnic areas and often activities and performances during changgim…right in the middle of Tel Aviv!

Sarona combines a unique architectural history with a dynamic urban experience. Together they create a center of culture, leisure and shopping in a relaxed and upscale atmosphere. The renewed colony includes an urban park and the accurately restored original 37 buildings of the Templar settlement. These have been transformed into elegant cafes, ritzy restaurants, high-end art galleries and an assortment of specialty shops.

A few steps away from the bustle of the city with its traffic jams and honking horns awaits an oasis of relaxation that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Templars themselves. Smart homes surrounded by ficus trees and lush lawns provide a magical sense of suspension from time and space. Here you will find wide, tree-lined paths that will make your steps light and your heart even lighter. In this oasis you will find select specialty stores featuring the best of brands and an unparalleled world of pleasure.

If you shut your eyes, you will easily be transported back to a time of elegance and of fantastic stories. Sarona is a place where yesterday, today and tomorrow converge and create an intangible magic.

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