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Sarina (Chocolate Workshop)

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Location: HaHadarim 9, Ein Vered, Israel (near Netanya)


Recommended by:

Tanya White
“This is a great great place…the kids make chocolate stuff and get to watch a video and see the only cocoa plant in israel. The whole thing is a few hours but def a cute outing. its in ein vered – 10 min from rannana (2 min from Azriel!)” 


Sarina on Moshav Ein Vered near Tel Mond, offers amazing chocolate workshops that include:

A visit to the greenhouse to see the cacao plant and undertand the process of getting to the cocoa that we know.

A short film about chocolate

In fact entry and a tour of the cacao plants is free but you must book and pay in advance for workshops.

They have a shop too.

Sarina has a hechsher from the Rabbanut of the Sharon and is closed on Shabbat and Chaggim

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