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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Jerusalem,Modiin,Maale Adumim


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Aviela Andrea Krissman Deitch

So, this is an itty-bitty, all-natural soap factory. It’s right next to a spring-fed pool with grass and shade called Ma’ayanot HaKramim / Ginot Matanya. We went to Ein Mabua afterward, making for a great, easy-going day. Saboneto was established to employ local people with various physical and intellectual challenges. It smells INCREDIBLE and there’s a “soap bar” outside to wash your hands with samples of their incredible soaps. The movies were shown with English subtitles, upon request. The tour is FREE and there are discounted soaps in the shop there. You do need to reserve in advance! Info is on their site: You don’t see much on the tour, as they aren’t making new soaps because of chol hamoed. I understand that on regular days, you can see more. It’s a relatively quick stop, about an hour total, but it can be part of a great day. (Pesach 2018)


The Saboneto family factory is located in Kokchav Hashachar, Israel, in the pristine mountains of the Binyamin region that overlook the Dead Sea. There, Saboneto founder Shlomo Keshet oversees the production of these rare, precious soaps. The Keshet family takes special pride in its all natural formula, each bar a fusion of pure, high quality oils together with authentic Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals, as well as organic, fragrant plants. The result is a luxurious, healthy washing experience that cleanses the body and awakens the soul with its intoxicating scents that will take you back to the Garden of Eden.

Saboneto soaps use only natural ingredients, and each bar is made with the personal family touch from the moment the plants are picked to the wrapping itself. The Keshet family invites you too as well to join this festival of scents, to enjoy this fabulous soap, healthy and refreshing.

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